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DailyeDeals.com is a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, California. Everyday we search for the best discount online shopping bargains, online coupons, and free stuff available on the internet to present here on our web site. These products, services, freebies, and deals are provided by other companies, with this site serving as a free informational service to find these bargains and present them to you. By presenting all these great bargains in one place, we save you a lot of time and effort and reward you with deals you wouldn't find anywhere else. To keep up to date on the latest and greatest bargains, join our mailing list now and add this site to your favorites so you don't miss out on anything. Please return next time you want a freebie or when a coupon code could save you money on an online purchase.

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We scour the internet everyday for the lowest prices on top products. We select the best of these deals, online coupon and freebies to feature on the hot deals of our web site. The very best bargains are presented on our featured deals page.

Free Online Coupons
Our free online coupons page is a great resource for saving money at all the top online stores. We regularly update these pages to include the latest up to date coupon codes for books, baby products, computers, gifts, and all kinds of other stores--check out our coupons index page for a complete listing. Also be sure to check out our page with first time customer discounts, free offers, and coupons at all the top online retailers.

Hot Deals
Each day over a dozen new deals, discount online coupons and freebies are added to our hot deals page. You can also browse the hot deals archive to find past deals that have not expired yet. (Some offers expire quickly, but many last a while and because we offer so many deals everyday, they very quickly get pushed out of the hot deals page and onto the archives.)

Free Stuff
Besides for money saving online coupons and new deals everyday, we also have tons of pages of totally free stuff updated daily. On our free stuff pages, you will find new free samples, free after rebate deals, and other freebies everyday.

Free Internet
On our free internet services pages we compare and review free internet access providers (with a free isp comparison table), free web page hosting services, and free disk space providers.

Free Communications
We also compare and review free communications services including free internet phone calls, free voicemail, free email, and free fax services.

Free Money
Plus on the free money you will find comparative guides and reviews of get paid to surf programs, free lotto sites, free cash back offers, free online games with real cash prizes, and easy free money deals.

Whether you are looking for freebies, online coupons, or great deals, you can find it all at DailyeDeals.com!

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