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My Twinn closed down and MyTwinn.com is no longer accessible. For the latest promo codes and online discounts for dolls, toys, and collectibles, please visit the Toys Coupons and Collectibles Coupons departments.

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About MyTwinn.com

Has your daughter or son asked you for a little brother or sister because they want someone to play with? Now you can get them a doll that looks just like them at MyTwinn.com. MyTwinn specializes in making 32 inch dolls that are customized to look like your daughter or son.

They also offer many accessories, clothing and furniture to make the doll more realistic, and to resemble your child more. You can choose from exotic matching costumes for dress-up play, fancy party dresses, or matching daughter-doll pajamas to snuggle up in. The clothes they offer will definitely delight any child. Accessories can make the dolls more life like, because if your daughter has eyeglasses, her doll can also have glasses. There is a line of cosmetics that are safe for both doll and daughter. Realistic furniture for your MyTwinn doll will make playtime even more enjoyable.


My Twinn is the perfect gift for any doll lover. Ordering is simple, and the amount of customization and personalization is stunning. You choose the eye color, hair length, hair texture and skin color and then send in a photograph and the artists work their magic. What you get is a special gift for any doll lover, and something that will be a keepsake for the life of your child.

If you want a special gift for a special doll lover, www.mytwinn.com can offer your child their very own twin doll.