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About 23andMe.com

23 and Me is a genomics and biotechnology company based in Mountain View, California. The name comes from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell. They offer saliva-based direct-to-consumer genetic testing that lets you learn more about yourself. At 23andme.comyou can get Health and Ancestry and Ancestry tests by submitting a saliva sample that is sent to the lab for analysis. Find out about any genetic health risks you may have. They break it all down into 75+ reports that you can access online and share with family and friends. The Ancestry Service helps you understand who you are and where your DNA comes from.They put your DNA information into reports on your Ancestry Composition, Maternal & Paternal Haplogroups, Neanderthal Ancestry, Your DNA Family and also have a DNA Relatives tool so you can connect with relatives who share similar DNA. 23andMe is your number one source for finding out about your DNA.