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  1. How Does This Site Work?
  2. How Do I Use Online Coupons?
  3. Can I Get a Discount on Previous Orders?
  4. Why Won't My Coupon Work?
  5. Is There a Site Map?
  6. Basic Online Coupon Help

How Does This Site Work?

This site is an online coupons, freebies and promotions portal that presents online coupons and discounts for hundreds of stores, lists tons of free stuff, compares free internet services and features over 12 new discount shopping bargains everyday. We are not a store and we do not provide the freebies we link to, however we are a free informational resource that finds these deals and offers them for your savings and enjoyment.

Many of the online coupons and discount deals are provided directly to DailyeDeals.com from hundreds of affiliate partners, to share with our visitors. Many other deals are found through scouring of the internet by DailyeDeals.com staff, so that we can present you with only the very best discount offers and free stuff. This also allows us to offer comparisons of many competing offers, so you can select the one that is best for you. We also appreciate when visitors find a new offer and send it in. If you have a new coupon or deal please send it to us.

Although we make every effort to make sure our coupons, deals and freebies are current and accurate, they are provided by third parties and are subject to frequent change. Therefore we cannot be responsible for these transactions, so you must verify every offer before you participate! We do not sell the products or provide the services and we are not involved with the transactions, so we cannot answer questions about your order or affect discounts or changes to your order. We cannot control whether the merchants honor their deals, and are not liable if it does not meet your expectations.

Whether you are looking for free stuff, free online coupons, free internet services or great deals, you can find it all at DailyeDeals.com! We strive to be the very best online coupons and freebies site, so please send us any suggestions you have.

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How Do I Use Online Coupons?

If you are new to online coupons, you may not be sure what to do or how they work. It is actually a simple process when you follow the steps outlined here.

First, use the link provided to go to the desired online retailer. It is important to use our link, since this may give you the discount or take you to a special promotion page that you cannot access otherwise.

Next, browse the store and add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. When you are done shopping, click the checkout link to begin checking out. If the expected discount is already applied to your total, you can complete your order.

Otherwise, if there is a promotional or coupon code, you must enter it in the appropriate form (typically on one of the pages during the checkout process) to receive your discount. If this does not work, double check that you entered it correctly and try other coupon codes if available. Once the discount you expected has been credited to your shopping cart, you can submit your order.

Never submit your order until the full discount you want has been subtracted from your order, unless you want to pay the regular price. Otherwise, you will not receive your discount and online merchants will not apply coupons to previously completed orders. If the discount does not show up, it usually means that the coupon or discount has expired. These promotional offers often expire unexpectedly, so please let us know that the offer is no longer valid so that we can remove it from the site and let you know of alternative offers.

Finally, remember that coupons do end unexpectedly so be sure that the discount has been applied before you submit your order! Read any restrictions carefully, since some online coupons are only valid on particular items or certain departments. Also, coupons usually are not valid towards shipping and handling.

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Can I Get a Discounts on Previous Orders?

Online stores do not apply discounts or coupons to previous orders. Always be sure to check DailyeDeals.com before you purchase items online! For this reason, always be sure that the expected discount has been applied to your order before you submit it, since you cannot get the discount later.

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Why Won't My Coupon Work?

If your coupon doesn't work, try double checking the coupon code. If it is a link that is not working, wait a few minutes and try again.

If the coupon or discount still does not work, it probably means the offer has expired. Online coupons change constantly, and offers end unexpectedly. Even if the listed expiration date is in the future, the coupon or discount was probably withdrawn early by the online retailer. In this case please let us know that the offer has expired so that we can remove it from the page and let you know of alternative offers.

If your discount does not show up in your shopping cart, you should NOT complete your order unless you want to pay the non-discounted price! Do not complete your full-price order thinking you can get the discount later, since online stores will not give it to you since the offer has probably expired!

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Is There a Site Map?

If you are lost you can find the page you are looking for with our site map or with our site search engine.

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Basic Online Coupon Help

Using an online coupon or promotion code is easy. For many of the coupons and discount promotions we list, you just need to click the link to activate the offer and then proceed to make your purchases.

Sometimes the page you first access will list the offer details. Other times, you will just see the discount prices when you are shopping on the site. Other times, you will not see the discount reflected until you view your shopping cart or begin to check out. Never submit your order if you have not seen the expected prices in the shopping cart, otherwise you will not get the discount you are expecting.

Sometimes there is a coupon code that accompany a discount offer. In these cases, you will need to enter the coupon code into the shopping cart before you check out. Typically you enter the coupon code into a box that is labelled coupon code, promotion code, promotional code, discount code, promo code, offer code, or key code, but some stores use other terminology.

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For more help, see our shopping tips and how you can safely shop online and save with coupon codes.

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