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About Audible Audio Books

This is one of the most fantastic online services ever created, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time commuting. For an extremely low fee, thousands of book titles can be downloaded for use on over 230 different audio devices including the Apple iPod. Keep up to date with the news, listen to some good fiction or just mentally flip through your favorite magazine with these downloads without ever having to turn a page.


Audio books are an excellent way for anyone to keep up with their reading. Not only does Audible.com have all the bestsellers, the classics, and educational reading but they have magazines and newspapers as well! Imagine being able to keep up to date and informed by having the newspaper read to you while you are driving, or being able to listen to some radio or television that you missed but that everyone is talking about? This company has truly advanced the realm of multi tasking with this great audio service.

Browse the Audible audio book selections by category for some very inspiring titles in the health and fitness, the self development, or the religion and spirituality sections, and download to Apple Ipod, Poket PC, Palm Treo, mp3 players or other audio mechanism you are using. Take a look through the travel and adventure category or the great speakers section for audio versions of some truly inspiring writing to round out your knowledge base and keep your reading list up to date in the easiest way there is. Download an audio version of Stephen King, Ricky Gervais or The Times - whatever material you want for a long journey, you can find an audio book on the www.audible.com website.

Browse the online audio files for your favorite authors and download to a Dell, Fujitsu or RCA today.