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After major changes in the music industry, such as digital music streaming and Apple iTunes, the BMG Music CD Club has closed. Fortunately, we still offer many ways to get cheap music, whether in MP3/digital format, as an audio CD, or as a discount subscription to a music streaming service. Find them all in our Discount Music Coupons section. Often we even have links to totally free (and legal) music downloads.

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About BMG.com

BMGMusic is the answer for all musicphiles on a budget. Since the mid 1950s, B M G has delivered music to millions of listeners, whether they're fans of jazz, rock, country, Latin, and so much more.

A far cry from your typical music store, this music club actually offers a subscription plan to its users, wherein you can purchase music for much, much less than you would in a record store.


The best thing about this company is that they're constantly offering incredible deals for new subscribers. At any given time, you can choose several CD titles—for free—simply by joining the club. You also have the added security of a 10-day, risk-free trial with your new selections. If you don't like them, B M G will pay for shipment back with no questions asked.

As you browse through the thousands of music CD titles, you can read reviews about a particular CD or artist, listen to sample tracks, and check out buyer's guides and recommended listening lists to help make your music purchase decision.

Affordable, easy, and eclectic, www.bmgmusic.com offers the web's greatest selection of music, all wrapped up in a convenient subscription plan to keep you rockin' through the year.