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About BookOutlet.com

Every book lover's dream is to find a secret stash of books. Well, it's not a secret that the secret stash of books is at www.bookcloseouts.com, a place where you can get all the bestsellers at closeout prices. You can find extra copies of the newest books that the bookstores returned to the publisher, because they ordered too many copies. This means that the books are in near-perfect condition.


If you know what book you want to buy, you can find it easily. If you don't know what you want, it's ok, because you can just look around. Browse for books just like you would in any traditional bookstore. The only difference is that you can buy more because the prices are discounted.

One of the neatest features of the site is that you can see exactly how many of each title they have. When you want to find a book for you and your friends to read at your next book club meeting, you can see if there are enough copies to go around easily and quickly.

The categories of books seem endless, and the store is well organized, including: cook books, biographies, religious books, self-help books, children's books, travel books, non-fiction and of course fiction. Whether you want hardcover, softcover or even audio books, you'll get them at low prices. Getting a well written book is important, and BookCloseouts lets you find books that have won awards, from horror stories winning the Bram Stoker Award to the Julia Child Award for the best cookbook and the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize for more formal literature.

Every month Book Close Outs has a special sale making 1,500 books 30% cheaper than they were before. That means you can get some books at over 90% off their original price. You can also get books that are "scratch and dent", so if you don't mind a couple of cosmetic blemishes on the books, you can get them at rock bottom prices. Bookcloseouts.com is the place to find the latest books at unbelievable prices