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This page lists current Carbonite offer codes, discounts and special offers. Their automatic cloud computer backup is quite affordable, especially when there is a coupon or free trial offer to use. Whether you have a Windows PC or Mac, a desktop or a laptop, if you run a small business or just have personal computers, Carbonite backup services can help keep your data safe and secure. Don't risk your photos and other digital files to a computer crash any longer.

A Carbonite offer code will need to be entered on the site to activate the discount. If no promo code is listed with an offer here, it means you just need to click the link to access the deal.

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About Carbonite.com

Founded in 2005, Carbonite.com is all about protecting data. Their goal is to create a world where important data is always protected, available and useful. Sure, the business may be in the cloud, but their heads are not. They protect what matters and keep businesses in business. That is a lot of responsibility and they handle it with east. Speaking of responsibility, the company is responsible for over 500 billion files backed up. That numbers grow daily thanks to more than 800 team members protecting their customers' data. They have also recovered more than 40 billion files since 2005, with 9 billion in 2014 alone. Your data has never been in better hands. Backup that was simple and affordable. This is Carbonite.


Carbonite.com offers automatic backup solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses. Having a safe, secure backup for your important data is so important, and this company makes it easy and automatic.

If you have a business, data isn't just important, it is your livelihood. If your business PC dies, you could be completely lost without your records. Ordering supplies, contacting clients, paying employees, and completing your taxes would be a nightmare if your data was lost. Fortunately, Carbonite can protect your entire office (including all computers, NAS devices, and external hard drives) for one low price.

When it comes to personal computers, backups are even more important. A hard drive failure at home doesn't just mean lost money, it means lost memories, as almost everyone keeps files with sentimental value (such as pictures and videos) on their computer. On top of that, it would be a huge file to lose all your installed programs, music files, downloaded movies, etc. Take the time now to visit www.carbonite.com to prevent a potential tragedy.