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About Dish.com

Since 1987, Dish Network has been providing its customers all over the United States with quality satellite programming. They offer a programming selection that outweighs that of traditional cable, at a fraction of the price, bringing new stations and networks into the homes of millions of customers every day.

Years ago, the thought of satellite television brought to mind large, unwieldy satellite dishes that took up entire yards. Today, satellite programming is beamed into your television through a very small dish that attaches unobtrusively to the roof or side of your house.


At www.dishnetwork.com you can find packages in a variety of sizes and prices, certain to fit your needs and your budget. Plus, they're constantly running specials, providing you with free equipment to complement your service. They offer programming of premium channels like HBO and Showtime, as well as a large HD television package, so you can get the most out of the latest technology you own.

Fabulous television stations and satellite service isn't all DishNetwork offers, though. They also provide convenient, reliable high-speed internet service, which will connect you to the World Wide Web straight from your satellite dish. Be sure to check out their affordable bundled programming packages, which combine satellite television and internet for a great price.