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If you want to get the best prices for textbooks, you definitely need to check out eCampus.com, which specializes in selling both new and used college textbooks. Finding what you need for the first day of school is super easy, just type in the ISBN number and see how much you could save versus buying at your local college bookstore. With a minimum order, they offer free shipping and handling.

eCampus will also buy back your old textbooks. No need to worry; the process is very simple. You just type in the ISBN numbers, and they'll immediately tell you how much they will give you for the book. If you agree on the price, just mail it to them. The best part of it is that they will pay the postage for sending your textbooks to them, so you don't have to calculate how much your profit is going to be! There aren't any hidden expenses in selling your books.


Maybe you are looking for collegiate apparel, such as university gear or stuff for your fraternity or sorority. Find it all at phenomenal prices at www.ecampus.com. Hats, t-shirts, outerwear, shorts and track pants will show your school spirit.

If you are an aspiring artist, just got accepted into med school or need to stock up on school supplies, this online bookstore is the place to shop. Where else can a med school student get a stethoscope, a medical dictionary, erasers and all the textbooks he needs, but e Campus?

When it is time to relax, this Internet collegiate bookstore has it covered. You can buy second hand movies to watch in your dorm or books to read while in the student center relaxing. If you need a bit of pizza money, you can sell your old fiction and non-fiction books, DVD or VHS tapes to them. This site has got what you need to be prepared for college, and then some things to distract you from it.

eCampus is the easiest, fastest, cheapest place on the Internet to buy textbooks, and all of your college needs. By offering a secure, easy-to-navigate, fully-transactional web store, eCampus.com is able to offer new and used textbooks, trade books, college emblematic apparel, general apparel, supplies, electronics, gifts and more; all at substantial savings and shipped free. eCampus.com is your online source for all of the goods and services traditionally found in a campus bookstore.

As a source for buying and selling books of all types, this online store has it all. Although they have a vast collection of college and high school textbooks, you'll also find other books, bestsellers and a great variety of discount books. Textbooks for all the popular majors can be bought new or second-hand. There is even a specialist medical supplies section offering equipment and instruments ranging from diagnostic penlights and clogs to sphygmomanometers. A comprehensive range of office supplies and art supplies can also be bought here. If you want to sell your old books or DVDs, e Campus will give you an instant price if they are interested, otherwise you can sell your items on their Marketplace.