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About Gravity Defyer

At GravityDefyer you can get shoes that are scientifically sound. It all started when Alexander Elnekaveh’s 14 year-old nephew was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his heel. Even after heel replacement surgery, he was given little chance of ever walking free from pain. Alexander was determined to find a way. He researched new medications, treatments and prosthetics and it was on a flight that the idea of Gravity Defyer shoes was born. As Alexander felt the wheels of the 747 touch the ground, he thought to himself “If a massive aircraft can land smoothly, absorbing over 100 tons on impact without so much as spilling his coffee, why couldn’t a shoe do the same thing?” He assembled a team of mechanical engineers, podiatrists, industrial designers and applied materials engineers to form the Impact Research Technology Group. This lead to the VersoShock sole and a line of Gravity Defyer footwear designed with powerful shock absorbing technology. You can experience it yourself at GravityDefyer.com. They carry mens, womens and kids shoes and accessories that are packed with the same technology.