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About Hammacher.com

How do you describe Hammacher Schlemmer? They describe it as "Offering the best, the only and the unexpected for 159 years", and that's pretty much what you can expect at Hammacher.com. If you are looking for something ordinary and boring, you won't find it here. But if you are looking for the latest gadget, piece of technology or the bizarre this is the website to visit.

The history of Hammacher Schlemmer is really interesting, and once you know a bit about it, you will understand their philosophy more. The store started out as a hardware store over 150 years ago, and their shop in New York City was the first shop to carry steam irons, electric dry shavers and microwave ovens. They specialize in innovative products that people wish they would have thought of themselves.


So what can you find at www.hammacher.com? Well, to find anything, choose between home care, home living, personal care, toys and games, sport and leisure, apparel, electronics, home care, and outdoor living. After that, you will see the latest technology that is available in that category.

Sandals that claim to be the most comfortable in the world, hovercrafts, robots, shavers that will leave your skin smooth, a bicycle for the whole family, air filters and more will keep your curiosity as you spend more time browsing this site than you thought you would.

Whatever you buy at Hamacher Schlemer, you don't run any risk at all. They offer an unconditional guarantee on every product they sell. This guarantee doesn't just last for 30 days like it does at most stores, but for the entire life of the product. It's just one of the ways that HamacherSchlemmer.com shows that they are really different from other stores; they stand behind their products 100%. There aren't any risks to you. If you don't like it, it doesn't work like it says it will or for any other reason, you can return it with no problems.