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Yankee Candle, owner of Illuminations, shut down Illuminations in 2009. This included closing the retail locations as well as closing down the Illuminations.com online store. There are many places to shop for candles online, and we offer discount promo codes to help you save money and get free shipping. Check out the newest offers on our listings of Yankee Candle Coupons, Gifts Coupons, and Home Coupons.

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About Illuminations

Everybody loves candles. They mesmerize us, change our mood with their scents, can make any situation more romantic and can transform a room with a beautifully crafted design. The place to purchase candles and the accessories you need to make these beautiful candles even more stunning is www.illuminations.com. Illuminations is a premier online candle store offering candles, gifts, home accents and more.


Illuminations.com doesn't just offer high quality candles; they also offer education, so that you can make the best decision possible. Learn whether you should purchase scented or unscented candles, how to get your candles to burn evenly, and even how to arrange candles and make a beautiful centerpiece.

Finding what you want to buy on this site is really simple and easy, although narrowing down what you can actually purchase can be really difficult, because every candle that Illuminations offers is made with the highest quality ingredients using no animal byproducts. If you are looking for something for yourself, you can buy jar candles, tapers, seasonal candle, tealights, floating candles and pillars all in classic and exotic scents (or unscented). Looking for a gift for someone special? You can easily find a boxed set or narrow down your search by price.

Sprucing up your home and garden is easy with the home accents at Illuminations. Lanterns to light up your next barbeque that extends past twilight, faux flowers to make an arrangement that will last forever and candle holders that will complement any decorating style.

Planning your centerpieces and candles for your wedding can be difficult, but this store makes it a bit easier by offering an easy one-stop shop to get everything you need. From wedding favors to the candles you need for the ceremony and reception, they even offer a discount if you buy in bulk, making the decision a lot easier.

Stop by their homepage often to be updated on special Internet promotions, new items that just arrived, and any current sales. You'll never miss the opportunity to buy quality candles and accessories again.

Illuminations offers candles, candle accessories, and home products. Most products are hand-crafted and have a special quality, imbued by the artisan in the process of creation. All their candles are designed to be long burning so you burning so you may enjoy fine-quality candlelight every day of your life for less.