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Marshall Field & Company was acquired by Macys in 2005. Marshall Field's stores (including the Chicago flagship on State Street) were rebranded as Macy's stores, and the online store at MarshallFields.com (and Fields.com) redirects customers to Macys.com. Target was a previous owner of Marshall Fields. Use our Macys Coupons and Target Coupons for the latest discount codes and promotions for Macys.com and Target.com. Visit the DailyeDeals.com Department Stores Coupons department for deals at other related stores.

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About Marshall Fields

Marshall Field's is a famous Chicago based department store, with their huge downtown Chicago flagship store in the  Marshall Field and Company Building on State Street. Shop online at MarshallFields.com for clothing, jewelry, accessories, and fragrances for women and men. Buy a box of the delicious Frango mint chocolates. Buy home products including kitchen appliances, bedding, home accents, and collectibles. Also, browse a wide selection of gifts for men, women, children, babies and more, including a great selection of gifts for weddings, anniversaries, executives, pets, and more.