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About Safeway.com

Unless your diet consists entirely of fast food or the limited offerings available at so-called convenience stores, you need to shop for groceries. Even if you shop at a grocery store with fabulous service, by the time you factor in driving, parking, maneuvering the aisles, and hauling items in and out of your car, shopping for groceries can take a hefty chunk of time out of your hectic schedule—every week! With the arrival of Safeway.com, shoppers can eliminate the hassle of grocery shopping by doing it online. With a few simple clicks, you can access Safeway, one of America's leading supermarkets, anytime of day or night to fulfill your grocery needs from the comfort of home or work. Surf to a site that more than delivers!


Purchasing groceries online at www.safeway.com is much easier than pushing your cart down dozens of aisles. You can shop the Safeway grocery store online by category to find bread, baked goods, beer, wine, beverages, boxed dinners, breakfast options, candy, canned goods, cheese, dairy, deli, ethnic food, flowers, frozen food, meat, seafood, pet care, produce, snacks, soup, spices, tobacco, grains, pasta, sauces, and items in other countless categories. You can also search for items by name, brand, or other descriptive keyword.

Shopping is as easy as adding items to your cart, selecting a convenient delivery time, and providing your payment information. The delivery fee is always affordable, especially when you consider the price of gas, not to mention your time. You can even create express lists or view your past orders to complete your shopping even faster.

Shoppers can take advantage of the regular weekly in store deals, as well as exclusive internet savings. Orders are typically filled the night before delivery and shipped in temperature-controlled trucks to ensure you get the freshness you deserve.

The site features an ingenious recipe center with endless meal ideas. Search by ingredients and whip up a masterpiece with items you already have on hand.

The wellness center not only features a pharmacy, which lets you check for drug interactions and refill prescriptions, but you can access a complete health encyclopedia and take advantage of expert nutritional advice.

The site even offers convenient business delivery to establishments of all sizes. With party trays for lunches and events, break room snacks and supplies, cleaning and janitorial supplies, and fabulous gift ideas, getting the essential offerings that your office supplies superstore just doesn't stock is a snap.