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SAVE 25% OFF THE FIRST $100 OF YOUR FIRST ORDER OF MARKET AMERICA BRANDED PRODUCTS. DISCOUNT IS LIMITED TO $25, AND WILL BE APPLIED AS A 25% DISCOUNT TO THE FIRST $100 OF YOUR ORDER: This promotion is only applicable to fully registered customers of SHOP.COM. Guest Checkout customers do not qualify. This offer is only available to first-time purchasers of SHOP.COM who are not affiliated with an UnFranchise Owner/Shop Consultant before the time of purchase. If this is the first time you've purchased a qualifying product, place qualifying items in your cart, provide the coupon code FIRST25OFF and complete your order before closing your browser or leaving the page. Discounted prices will be displayed in your shopping cart during the checkout process, before your order is final. The 25% discount will be applied evenly to the first qualifying products in your order, up to a maximum savings of $25. Qualifying products are limited to Market America branded products purchased through SHOP.COM, and no other products. Product brands included in this promotion are limited to: Advanced Level 90, Autoworks, Awake, Bliss, Cellular Laboratories, Choice, Clear Shield, Conquer Entertainment, Curcumin Extreme, Custom Cocktail, DNA Miracles, Fixx,, Friction Free 3000, GlobalCare, Glucosatrin, Heart Health, Isotonix, Lumiere de Vie, Marley Coffee, MochaTonix, Motives by Loren Ridinger, Motives for La La, MPC, NutriClean, Oxygen Extreme, OPC-3 Chews, Pentaxyl, PetHealth, Prime, PureH2O, Royal Spa, Skintelligence, Snap, Stealth Radar Shield, Timeless Prescription, TLS Weight Loss Solution, Ultimate Aloe, vitamind, and VitaShield. The extra savings available through this promotion is available from 12/31/17 through 12/31/18 at 11:59 (PST). We reserve the right to end the promotion at any time.
Use Code: FIRST25OFF
Expires: June 29, 2018
Use Code: FIRST25OFF
Expires: July 30, 2018
Expires: June 30, 2018

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Shop.com, powered by Market America, is a comparison shopping website that allows the consumer to compare millions of products from hundreds of merchants. Browse categories like Electronics, Groceries, Health & Nutrition, Home, Travel, Kids, and Shopping Essentials. For discounts head over to the Deals tab.

They also have their own exclusive brands of products. In the beauty sector, these include VitaShield, Skintelligence, Timeless Prescription, Royal Spa, Cellular Laboratories, Pentaxyl, Lumière de Vie, ClearShield, Fixx, and Motives Cosmetics. They also have the TLS Weight Loss Solution (in the weight management category) as well as Marley Coffee and Choice (in groceries.) Health and Nutrition products are popular with exclusive brands like Isotonix, MochaTonix, Ultimate Aloe, Curcumin Extreme, vitamind, Heart Health, Nutri-Physical, NutriClean, Glucosatrin, Awake Energy Shot, MPC Prostate, Bliss, Prime, and Advanced Level 90. Home brands include PureH2O, SNAP, Pet Health, and Global Care, while Autoworks and Friction Free 3000 are their automotive brands. Others include DNA Miracles (Baby), Stealth Radar Shield (Electronics), and Conquer Entertainment (Entertainment).