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About Weight Watchers

Looking and feeling your best never goes out of style. Although a healthy diet is critical to maintaining an ideal body weight, the modern world makes it far too easy to choose convenience over proper nutrition. Since the 1960s, Americans have relied on Weight Watchers for the information, tools and support to help them lose weight and keep it off. Today, WeightWatchers.com provides everyone with not only easy and interactive weight loss tools, but also expert advice and the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is always in fashion!


WeightWatchers has engineered plans that are not only flexible, but these plans let you eat the foods you like. Why suffer by eating unpalatable nutritional bars and peculiar supplements when you can eat real food? Customers can choose from a variety of plans, including the Flex Plan, which allows you to eat most foods in controlled portions, and the Core Plan, which encourages you to eat as much as you want of specific nutritious foods.

After you select your plan you can decide to adhere to the diet by visiting regular meetings for live support or take advantage of a customized online diet. The online version of the diet lets you track your size and food consumption, access weekly progress reports, discover nutritional information, and find recipes from the comfort of home and work. The internet will quickly become your gateway to slimming down and dropping excess fat. You'll look forward to the constant motivation and daily tips and customized meal plans. You will even find exercise and fitness tips, including instructional videos that you can view online. Men will find a custom-tailored version with relevant articles.

Losing excess pounds and slimming your stomach, hips and thighs is a whole lot easier when you have access to nutritionally balanced and tasty recipes that are time-tested. You'll find delicious beginner options that you can prepare in minutes and gourmet recipes that will quickly have you proclaiming your love for your "diet." People who prefer dining out will find articles and guides that can help them eat properly at a fast food restaurant, neighborhood pub or on a road trip. Of course, popular and delicious branded foods are available in store nationwide.

Why put your health in the hands of some fly by night operation, when you can benefit from decades of healthy dieting research that is back by nutritionists and health professionals? For a nominal monthly fee you get the plan that is right for you. Take advantage of everything you need including community forums and an unrivaled database of health and science articles to get a healthy, slim and fit body.

This weight management website is no lightweight. WeightWatchers.com provides you with access to their renowned diet plans and allows you to subscribe to their slimming recipes. The site allows you a free personal assessment to measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) and to identify your healthy weight range.

There is also a self assessment questionnaire to help you judge whether you are ready to lose weight. The pages are packed with fitness and health information and success stories from normal people and from royalty. The success stories are categorized by how many pounds were lost and age to help you find people like you who used the diet plans successfully.