Free Email Accounts Terms

The following terms from our free email accounts guide are defined on this page:

This column contains the names of companies that offer free webmail/email. These are hyperlinks so you can click on the company name to get more info and details on their services or to sign up for free internet email service.

Download Message
Allows you to download and save your email messages on your computer as a .txt file.

Reply To Address
Allows you to specify the reply to email address. When people reply to your message this will be the address it will be sent to. This is useful if you use the web email as a backup email account for when you are away from your home computer, but you want replies sent to your primary email address.

Allows you to organize your messages based on the subject, the sender, the priority, or other criteria.

POP3 Retrieval
The email service is able to retrieve messages from POP3 email accounts allowing you to access your POP3 email accounts from any computer.

Storage Limit
Amount of disk space that the service providers give you on their computer for saving emails.

Allows you to automatically forward email received in this account to a different email address.

Spell Check
Allows you to correct spelling errors in the email you are composing before you send it out.

Allows you to enter a signature that will automatically be added at the end of your email messages. It usually contains text listing your name, email address, website, phone number, etc.

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