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It started in the 1920s and 1930s, with Bob Brownell, a businessman who owned and managed a gas station and sandwich shop in Montezuma, Iowa. In his free time, Bob was a shooter and outdoorsman who also enjoyed repairing and customizing firearms. He began by working on his own guns, but news of his talent spread quickly and by 1938, his gunsmithing hobby was making profits, so Bob added part-time gunsmith to his list of businesses. But he found himself needing tools and realized that they just could not be purchased anywhere. He soon got good at finding tools and the first Brownells catalog was sent to customers in 1947. From the start Bob realized that the customer was the priority and that remains the focus of the company today. By 1951 he closed down the gunsmithing shop to concentrate full-time on providing supplies to gunsmiths across the United States. Brownells success continues into our current century. Today they offer the widest Selection of products on the market and guarantee customers' satisfaction with a 100%, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. That is why they are the best.