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About GHBass.com

G.H. Bass was established in 1876 by George Henry Bass of Wilton, Maine, and began with a single goal. To make the best shoe for the purpose in which it would be used. But what has kept them in business all of these years? That is simple too. A reputation for quality, comfort and durability. The company embodies the American Spirit. Bass Shoes have been worn for generations and it's customers are the Backbone of America. From 1876 through today, the company has grown with America. They prove that quality, hard work and commitment can build something great. A company like this could only happen here.


When you go to GHBass.com, you can browse the major departments of Women, Men, Kids, and Weejuns. For deals head on over to the Factory Outlet tab (also accessible through the Sale link) and find the latest discounts on apparel, shoes, and accessories.