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About Medifast Diet

Maintaining a healthy body weight isn't solely a question of vanity. Losing weight will not only help you look your best, but can provide increased energy, raise self esteem, and decrease the risk of contracting countless coronary diseases, cancers and diabetes. The best way to lose weight is by coupling a diet with regular exercise. Unfortunately, many of today's most popular diets rely on burdensome calorie counting, cumbersome point systems, hazardous pills, or time consuming costly custom meal preparation. Luckily, since 1980 more than a million customers have relied on the convenient and effective physician recommended Medifast1.com weight loss system.


Customers can expect to lose 2-5 pounds per week simply by adhering to the uncomplicated Medifast 5&1 Plan. Each day, dieters enjoy five healthful and delicious balanced Medifast meals, which are purchased directly from the website. With a wide variety of tasty shakes, hearty soups, satisfying oatmeal, delicious drinks, sweet pudding, toothsome bars, and even pleasing scrambled egg entrees, dieters will not fall victim to the typically weak and monotonous offerings of competing diet plans. In addition to the prepared purchased meals, dieters must consume a daily sensible vegetable serving along with one lean serving of meat, which can be prepared yourself or ordered at a restaurant. They should also drink plenty of water. Since the plan provides the body with a constant influx of calories, rather than endorsing starvation like too many competing diets, dieters will always have adequate energy and will be less compelled to cheat or overeat.

The initial four-week plan is available in custom tailored versions to meet the differing needs of men, women, and even the dietary requirements of those stricken with diabetes. Many items are certified kosher, lactose free, and suitable for vegetarians.

Although following the program is simple, the medifast.com site offers useful tools to track exercise and weight loss. Progress reports, daily e-mails, health news, and nutrition articles will inspire and inform. Online message boards allow users to share success stories and exchange valuable tips and support. After achieving the desired body weight, dieters can rely on an available weight maintenance plan to sustain the favorable results. Dieters will not only lose weight at a moderate pace, but will be afforded the support and knowledge to keep the weight off.

The www.medifast.com site is so confident in the scientific validity of the weight loss system, they actually supply an information sheet for prospective dieters to discuss the program with their physicians. A money back guarantee allows customers to return unused products within 30 days of purchase.

As a specialist dietary website, this online resource not only gives you access to dietary products for an extensive list of weight conditions, it also has comprehensive information about their diet plan. There are products to match normal weight loss regimens, type 2 diabetes management, health management of heart disease, joint problems and menopause. There are also useful blogs by satisfied customers who have followed the weight loss diet plan. The FAQ section has an enormous amount of information for those with concerns about dieting and the "tools & community" page gives you access to a message board, a physician-finder, body mass index (BMI) calculator and downloadable menus, recipes guides and tips.