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Find current Stamps.com coupons, promo codes and discount online promotions on this page. This amazing service is a terrific time saver for businesses or even home use, since you can print postage right from home. No more trips to the post office to wait in long lines! Creative types will love the personal postage you can make with their PhotoStamps service. Take a look at the following coupon codes and discount specials and get started today—you'll soon discover just how awesome it is to print your own postage and shipping labels in seconds.

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Every time you go to the post office it seems as if they only have two windows open, everyone in front of you is sending packages to Timbuktu and there are about 10 people in each line. It's such a pain, especially since there is an easier way to get your mail sent. That easier way is www.stamps.com.

At Stamps.com, you can print your own postage, and once you are a member, you will never stand in line at the post office again. It doesn't matter if you are sending letters, postcards, packages or anything else, you will never have to go down to the post office again, unless, of course, you want to. If you are a business owner, you won't have to pay one of your employees to drive down to the post office, wait in line, and then drive back. Inf act, at the www.stamps.com website you can calculate exactly how much time and money you're wasting by going to the post office instead of using their service.


Stamps .com is perfect for business owners, busy individuals, or smart entrepreneurs. Unlike other home postal services that have high fees, this one offers you the ability to print your own postage from a regular printer, offers a digital scale rental free when you sign up and has low monthly subscription prices. Unlike with a postage meter, if the rates of postage change (which it seems like it does every year), you won't have to pay to get your meter adjusted.

While you're printing up your own postage, you can also print the addresses on the envelope. This will save you time because once you do it, you can to save it to your computer and always have the address ready to print. It will look a lot neater and more professional. If you're looking for a new way to send your mail, or if you've been sending mail the old fashioned way by standing in line for too long, there is an easier way to do it; www.stamps.com is that way.

Mailing just got easier with www.stamps.com, where businesses and individuals can instantly print postage from their own PCs. Turn your computer into a personal post office to make any letter or any package ready to mail in mere seconds. You can eliminate trips to the post office by printing on envelopes, labels, postcards, bills, invoices, flyers, or plain paper. Calculate and print USPS postage straight from your PC without recourse to any additional hardware. Print USPS First-Class, Priority, and Express Mail, Parcel Post, and Media postage.

By using the services of stamp.com, you can save over 80% off the cost of a postage meter, verify addresses, use client billing codes to track spending, obtain free delivery confirmation services, send Certified Mail and Return Receipt without using USPS forms, and import addresses from PC address books such as Outlook. You can even customize your postage and printing with graphics and logos. Stamps.com offers a very special no risk trial of its mailing system. When you sign up, you'll can also receive great extras like a digital scale, free postage, and a free supply kit.

The website also offers a special Photstamps service. You can have any photo placed on a stamp and have a sheet of stamps sent to you. This is a great gift idea for friends and relatives. Create your own PhotoStamp in three easy steps.