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Visit this page for the latest Franklin Covey coupons, coupon codes and discount promotions for FranklinCovey.com. The online Franklin Covey store sells day planners, refills, calendars, binders, organizers, software and other products to help you stay organized and on schedule. Whether you want discounts on day planner refills, time management products or other office supplies, remember to come to this website.

If there's a FranklinCovey.com coupon code, you will have to enter in on the shopping cart to get the deal. Promotion codes can be the key to deep discounts on calendars, day planners, organizer refills and other office supplies.

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About Franklin Covey

What is your New Year's resolution year after year? Maybe it is to clean up your house, maybe it's to get better organized, or maybe it's just to spend more time doing the things that you love. If this sounds like you, you definitely have to check out FranklinCovey.com. This website will not only give you the tools to get organized, but also help you step-by-step in the process.

Franklin Covey doesn't just sell calendars and day planners for people who want to get their lives back on track; they also provide a lot of useful information. At www.franklincovey.com, you can find the gear that you need to get everything in the right place. For example, you can purchase paper and electronic planners, business cases, books and audio CDs, and software, all of which are designed to keep you organized.


You probably have heard of the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," and if you remember that the author is Stephen Covey, you'll probably realize that this online organizational site can help you get organized in the workplace as well. You can find out information about getting someone from their company to come and talk to you and your employees on how they can increase their time management and make their lives happier at the same time.

Maybe you're just trying to get yourself organized; the education that they provide will be a good first step. In the library area of the www.franklincovey.com website, you can find quizzes, articles, and other features that will help you to save time at work and at home. What's interesting is that these articles and quizzes can help everybody: housewives, students, CEOs and secretaries.

Life is too short to spend it unfocused and unorganized. If you want to get organized, FranklinCovey is the place to come. You can get the tools, information, and encouragement all in one place.

FranklinCovey (at shopping.franklincovey.com) is a renowned provider of calendar planners, including paper and electronic planning systems. The retailer also offers business cards, books, audios, business cases and totes and accessories. FranklinCovey.com even provides training and consulting services for businesses and you can find information about workshops, speakers and tools on the website.

The site enables you to purchase products that equip you to plan paper systems by layout (daily, monthly, or weekly) or by design (Collages, Blooms, Golf, 7 Habits, etc.). You can purchase entire planning system kits and refills as well as individual sheets, forms and tabs. FranklinCovey® software allows for electronic planning, with programs like PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook and Windows XP, Forms Wizard and FormTool Deluxe.

For your organizational binders, select from zipper, snap/tab, open, men's, women's and compass planning system covers. Accessorize with elegant pens and pencils, planner holders, page finders and more. Don't miss the website's sections for clearance items and special offers.

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