Get Paid to Surf the Web

UPDATE: It generally isn't worth it to bother with get paid to surf the web program any more. Some of the paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage have closed down. Others have reduce payouts or never pay people what they are owed. The problem is that they are not earning enough on advertising, so they cannot stay in business or pay people. However, there are other great ways to earn free money on the internet, such as the great offers at our Easy Free Money page.

Do you wish you could get paid to surf the web, read email, chat with friends, listen to the radio, or play games online? Find out how you can do it with this guide to free money and get paid to surf the web programs. We describe the features of all the best pay to surf and similar programs, so you can earn the most free money.

Free Money?!?
Why do they pay you to surf the net? Advertisements. During the time you are surfing they display ads through software you download from each company. The ads are usually displayed on a small bar that docks on the top or bottom of your screen while you surf. Other programs such as getting paid to listen to the radio are a little different, but they are similarly supported by advertisements.

How Much Free Money
Each of these services pay you anywhere from $.20/hour to $20/hour. Earn more by referring friends and family members because you get paid when they use the services. By signing up for multiple programs you can make even more free money. Check out our tips and secrets to success on get paid to surf the web programs to find tips and secrets to make real money with these get paid to surf the web programs.

This is a list of the best free money programs available with descriptions of each service.

This is a great new way to get paid to surf the web. There are so many different ways to earn free money including reading email, playing casino and action games, shopping, and sweepstakes. The other cool thing about this program is that there are monthly $10,00 cash bonuses and monthly $10,00 game winners bonuses. Of course you also earn money from referrals (through 5 levels).

RadioFreeCash pays people to listen to the radio over the Internet, with your choice of over 200 music genres. You are free to do whatever you want while they pay you to listen to your favorite music on your choice of their Internet radio station. Earn $.20 per hour for up to 100 hours per month. More importantly, they will also pay you for your referrals up to 4 levels. They encourage you to directly participate in the program by not paying you for your referral listening hours beyond your number of listening hours. Each session they tell you how many minutes you were credited and what your running total is, which is very convenient.

DesktopDollars is one of the best ways to get paid to surf the net. They will share 70% of the money they earn from advertisers with you based on the amount of time you and your referrals (6 tiers deep) are online. Once your account reaches $20 or more you will get paid. This program is available Worldwide.

Every month GetPaid4 guarantees that the payment will be at least 70% of net advertising revenues generated by users. They will disclose the amount at the end of each month. To view the ads you need to get the GetPaid4 Bar, a small bar displaying ads. This bar will dock on the top or bottom of your computer screen.

A great way to get paid to surf the web is through ePipo. They pay partners $.60 per hour to simply surf the web. All you need is to sign up and download the ePipo surfwindow and run it on your computer. The window is a little bigger than a banner ad and you can move it anywhere you want. Get more money by referrals; it extends 5 levels deep. Once you have reached $35 you are able to cash out

Set Ignifuge as your start page and get $.05 per visit up to 10 visits per day, and a maximum of 300 visits per month. Earn even more money from your referrals by taking advantage of their 4-tier program. You are paid once your account exceeds $20. They encourage you directly to participate in the program by not paying you for your referral page views beyond your number of page views. This program is currently available in the US & Canada, but will be worldwide later.

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