Paid to Surf Tips and Secrets

UPDATE: It generally isn't worth it to bother with get paid to surf the web program any more. Some of the paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage have closed down. Others have reduce payouts or never pay people what they are owed. The problem is that they are not earning enough on advertising, so they cannot stay in business or pay people. However, there are other great ways to earn free money on the internet, such as the great offers at our Easy Free Money page. Also, some of the tips on this page still apply to other free money programs where you need to generate referrals.

On our get paid to surf the web page there is a comprehensive list of get paid to surf the web programs (check our free money page for more sources of free money.) There we cover how the programs work and describe the important features of each get paid to surf program. However, we don't describe a plan on how you can maximize your earnings with the get paid to surf the web programs there. This special report provides the tips and secrets you need to make the most free money from the get paid to surf the web programs.

Multiple Get Paid to Surf the Web Programs
There is no reason to limit yourself to just one get paid to surf the web program. Many people have joined just one program such as AllAdvantage and because they didn't make that much they haven't bothered with other programs. However, there are many programs available and many have much better payouts then AllAdvantage. Check out our list of get paid to surf the web programs and select the best 4-5 programs for you. Then join them all; there is no cost or obligation. Remember to bookmark the page and check back often to find out about the best new get paid to surf the web programs.

Referrals is Key to Maximizing Free Money
The trick to make a ton of free money with get paid to surf the web programs is through referrals. After you join you have to refer the programs to all of your family and friends, and anyone else you can find. The most effective way to do this is to create your own web page promoting your referral links. However, you don't want to spend any of your free money on a web host, so you will want to select a free web page provider.

Once you have your web page set up, you want as many people to see your page as possible, not just friends you personally direct to your site. Therefore you will want to submit your site to as many search engines and directories as possible, so that people can find your site on the web. At the minimum you will want to use a free service like Register-It, which submits to 12 search engines and directories.

Maximize the Hours
To maximize your free money earnings, you will want to use each program up to the maximum paid hours each month. The secret here is that most of the get paid to surf the web programs are not very accurate when computing the hours of use. I'm not sure if they are just being very conservative, or if they are trying to cheat a little, but they generally under-report the number of hours you actually spend with the program. Therefore, to earn the most free money, you will want to be sure to surf the net for plenty of hours each month with the pay to surf programs active.

Many of the get paid to surf programs show you how many minutes you have been credited, so it is easier to make sure you maximize the hours each month and get the most free money.

Some people use hacks and cracks (AllAdvantage cheats are especially popular) to try to maximize the hours without needing to run the viewbars and look at ads. Some may get away with this for a short time, but most companies build protections against these cheats into their programs. They may drop your account if you are found to be cheating.

Get Free Internet Access
Are you still paying for internet access? It is silly to pay for internet access when free internet service is available. The problem with most free ISP services is that they have ad banners like the free money programs, which further strains your bandwidth and useable screen space. However, World Spy offers totally free internet access with no annoying banners. Their service is fast and reliable and there are no costs or hidden charges. They even offer 24-hour toll-free customer service support. You can keep your current ISP while you give World Spy a try, so join for free today and keep your free money for yourself instead of paying it to your ISP.

By following the tips and secrets in this special report on free money programs, you can increase your earnings significantly. To compare features and sign up for get paid to surf the web programs, click here.

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