Free Web Pages Guide

This free web hosting guide will help you get your own free web page for a personal home page or business web site. Even if you've never created a web page before, you can quickly and easily create an interactive, personalized web site all for free with these free web space providers. It seems like just about everyone has a web site these days, and with our comparison table and these free web hosting and free web site design tools you can easily have your own too.

If you're tired of the limitations, pop-up ads, and annoyances of free web pages, check out Top10 Cheap Web Hosting, for professional web page hosting for as little as $5 per month.

Many Uses for Free Web Space
There are many reasons to have your own web page, and since it is really easy to do and totally free, there isn't a reason not to have your own web site. You can create a page about your family and pets including your favorite photos, a fan site dedicated to your favorite music, TV, or movie star, or a website about your hobby. You can use your free web space to promote your business or even create your own online store. Basically you can create any web page you can imagine, and you can make as many distinct free web sites as you want.

Getting Started on Your Free Web Page
If you have never created a web page before, you would probably be best off just starting with our featured free web page provider since they offer a great combination of easy to use features and good support. However, if you have specific needs or you are an advanced user, you will want to select the best free web space provider from our comparison chart

Free Web Hosting Features Overview
Typically web pages are fairly small, so the amount of free web space isn't always that important. However, if you plan to include many photos, MP3s, programs, or other files, you will want to pick a provider from the comparison table that offers a lot of free web space. To have the shortest and most professional web address, you will generally want to pick a free web page provider that offers subdomain addresses. Just about all free web hosting companies use advertising on your web site to pay for the service. Also, to keep your visitors from being annoyed, you will want to pick a free web page provider with less distracting advertisements such as banner ads instead of popups. If you are a beginner web designer, you will also want to pick a host that offers free web site design programs.

Featured Free Web Hosting Company
Doteasy.com is our featured free web page provider because they offer reliable free web site hosting, without the annoying banner ads. This is really important since most free web host's advertising is annoying and can look unprofessional on a commercial site. They host your site with your own domain name (www.you.com) and provide 20MB web storage, unlimited FTP access, unlimited Email Accounts (user@you.com), POP3 and web-based email access, email forwarding and an email autoresponder. The catch is that you must register your domain name with them. However, this isn't a bad deal since they charge as low as $18 per year (while other registrars charge up to $35 per year). If you already have your domain name, you must pay to transfer it unless you earn a free transfer by referring others to Doteasy.com. They also offer the following advanced features for a reasonable charge: Front Page, CGI, Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, Perl, SSI, ODBC, MySQL.

Free Web Space Comparison Chart
The following chart allows quick comparison of the important features of the best free web page hosting services. For more details or to sign up (you should read all the terms and conditions of the service agreements first), go to the free web space provider's websites through the provided links. For an explanation of the terms used in the table, please see our term definitions.

Host Space (MB) Address Format Ad Type Page Builder CGI BIN FP Ext FTP Browser Upload Comments
2 Global Mart 12 subdomain banner Yes No Yes Yes Yes Counter, form e-mailer, guest book and more.
AboveWorld 25 /dir/you banner Yes No No No Yes Free virtual domain hosting including foreign domains. Provide message board and guestbook scripts.
Angelfire 20 /dir/you popup or banner Yes No Yes Yes Yes Provide a CGI and JavaScript library including counters, search, web polling scripts, and more. You start with 5 MB of free space but can upgrade to 50 MB of free disk space for free.
AOL Hometown 12 /you adframe Yes No No Yes Yes Provide chat rooms, counters, and guestbook scripts.
BizLand 5 subdomain popup or banner Yes No No No No Now only a free trial. Services are geared towards small businesses. Has advanced features, more space, etc. with higher plans.
CyberCities 25 /~you No Ads No No No Yes No No ads is enticing, but they have had major problems in the past with the servers being down for long periods, slow access speeds, and taking a long time to process applications.
Doteasy.com 20 you.com No Ads No Fee Fee Yes No They offer free hosting with no ad banners. You also get unlimited email accounts (pop3 or web mail), forwarding and autoresponders. The catch is you must register your domain with them (as low as $18 a year) or pay to transfer your domain (free transfers if you refer others to the service.) The following are optional features that you must pay to activate: Front Page, CGI, Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, Perl, SSI, ODBC, MySQL.
FortuneCity 100 /dir/# banner Yes No No Yes Yes Provide chat rooms and message boards for your site.
Free Info Center 50 /you popup or banner No No Yes Yes No ASP supported. 1 free email account. Free virtual domain hosting.
FreeWebSites 50 subdomain banner No No No Yes Yes You have a choice between freewebsites.com, koolhost.com, isportsdot.com, artshost.com, ibusinessdot.com, scripterz.com, or trancetechno.com domain names. They have a few ready made CGI scripts to use. They provide free virtual domain hosting.
Homestead 16 /you or subdomain small ad Yes No No No Yes Dropped their free service and just provide a free trial. They provide a really easy to use site builder with lots of features. Ad banner can be a frame on bottom of page instead of the top. Can use their chat room, guest book, or hit counter. Can password protect your pages.
Hypermart 50 subdomain popup or banner No Yes Yes Yes Yes SSI and SSL are supported. Free site statistics plus access to raw data logs. Free virtual domain hosting.
MSN Home Pages 12 /dir/you popup Yes No No Yes Yes Update - They cancelled this service. Plan to increase to 30MB free web space soon. Provide a guest book and counter. FrontPage supported only for publishing.
MyFamily 5 login banner Yes No No No Yes Easily share news, photos, recipes, calendar events, family history and more. Plus you can add reviews, polls, chat and build your family tree. Perfect for family web sites and for people new to web page design. MyFamily Mail offers voice, fax, and email in one account.
NetColony 25 /dir/you banner Yes No No No Yes They provide a guest book and message board.
NBCi no limit /you adframe Yes No No Yes Yes NBCi cancelled their service and are shutting down. They are recommending users go to Homestead (see their listing above).
NetFirms 25 subdomain banner No Yes No Yes No Instant activation. Fast servers. Full CGI-BIN, Perl, and SSI support. Free online support, catch-all email. Free virtual domain hosting. Upgrade to banner-free hosting for just $5/month.
TerraShare 50 subdomain banner Yes No No Yes Yes As of May 31, 2001 TerraShare announced that they are closing their service.
TopCities.com 150 subdomain popup or banner Yes No No No Yes Guestbook and discussion board scripts provided.
Tripod 11 /you popup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Provide a CGI and JavaScript library including counters, search, and web polling scripts.
Virtual Avenue 50 subdomain popup or banner No Yes Yes Yes Yes Free virtual domain hosting of .com, .net, and .org only. SSI support.
Web Host Me 20 subdomain popup or banner No No Yes Yes Yes Web Host Me is currently not taking new signups as they are already at capacity. Free virtual domain hosting.
Yahoo! Geocities 15 /you adsquare Yes No No Yes Yes Huge collection of add-ons including guestbooks, discussion forums, counters, stock quotes, Yahoo! search, news headlines, games, animations, and more.
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