Free Internet Providers

The best free internet provider is Net Zero. Of course this is largely because they are virtually the only large free internet provider that still exists.

It isn't really hard to pick the best free internet provider, since there are almost no choices left. In the past we have recommended various free internet providers that offered unlimited internet access with no banner ads, that came complete with tech support and everything. First there was FreeWWWeb, then WorldSpy, followed by WorldShare, Excite Freelane, and American Express Online. However, one by one, every single one of these free internet providers either went out of business or started charging.

Because the remaining free internet providers have severe limitations, display annoying ad bars and have poor reliability, we recommend going with a Discount ISP instead of a free internet provider. The discount internet services we list generally have the features of other pay ISPs, but cost less than the typical $20+/month that many ISPs charge.

NetZero, our choice for the best free internet provider, is limited to 10 hours of free access per month. This isn't much but there are virtually no other free internet service providers available. (If you need than 10 hours, try NetZero Platinum.)

NetZero has a large ad bar, but they are one of the only free internet service providers with dialup access in both the USA and Canada. They only support Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT, so users of other platforms like Macintosh, Linux or Sega Dreamcast will have to look elsewhere (such as their Platinum service.)

For more helpful information in choosing a free ISP and a complete comparison of many free internet providers, please check out our free internet access guide, or our free isp comparison table. Also check out our directory for our list of the best free internet service providers.

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