Free Internet Service Providers

This is a list of the best free internet service providers according to our analysis, testing and visitor feedback. Use these free internet service providers to save money each month with free internet access.

Unfortunately, many of the best free internet service providers were losing a lot of money, and have gone bankrupt. The ones that remain have severely limited their services, to as little as 12 hours of free access per month. They also have annoying banner ads and poor reliability. Plus you don't know whether they will close down too or further restrict usage. None of the free internet service providers can really be recommended anymore, and the best alternative is to choose a Discount Internet Access Provider. These providers don't have the limitations of free internet service providers. In fact, they basically offer the same services as other paid ISPs such as AOL or Earthlink, but at a low discount price.

Best Free Internet Service Providers:

  1. NetZero - This free internet service provider is limited to 10 hours of free access per month, which isn't much but there aren't many other options available. They also have a large ad bar, but they are one of the only free internet service providers with dialup access in both the USA and Canada. For more than 10 hours per month, try NetZero Platinum.

This list used to be a lot longer than just 1, but over the years all the decent free internet service providers went belly up. Hopefully, they will rebound again in the future, and we can enjoy a wide selection once again.

For more helpful information in choosing a free ISP and a complete comparison of many free internet service providers, please check out our free internet access guide, or our free isp comparison table. Also check out more info on our choice for best free internet providers.

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