Free DSL Service Providers

Free DSL sounds great - you get high speed internet access at no cost through your free dsl account. The problem is that there are no longer any free dsl providers. There used to several free DSL service providers, but they all went out of business. Unforunately this means that there are no free DSL service providers to compare, in our free dsl service providers comparison.

The most famous free DSL provider was Winfire. They offered free DSL service for a while, but there were long term contracts and other catches, and availability was very lacking. They have been out of business since early 2001. Other free DSL providers include FreexDSL.com, but they were not even around as long as Winfire.

Since there are no free DSL services any more, if you want DSL you'll need to pay. Here are some of the major DSL service providers:

DSL Service Providers

AT&T High Speed Online
AT&T High Speed Online makes high-speed Internet access easy, convenient and affordable. With this economical way, residential consumers plus small- and medium-sized businesses get unlimited Internet access, multiple e-mail accounts and speeds that are many times faster than dial-up. Check out the special promotions (not all promotions are available for each of the plans) such as cash back offers, free Wi-Fi access at 17,000+ hotspots, and much more.

For more information on high speed Internet access, and terms like DSL and xDSL, check out our page of High Speed Internet Access Providers.

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