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About McAfee.com

The internet provides endless entertainment, communication, information, and education options. Unfortunately, with great power comes even greater risk. Within seconds of logging onto the web, even home users can be exposed to countless dangerous viruses, costly identity theft and phishing schemes, e-mail scams, annoying spam, and malicious hackers. McAfee security has been safeguarding computer users against technological threats with anti-virus software since 1987.


McAfee.com provides endless free tips and the latest news on securing both PCs and Macs against viruses, hackers and other threats. Customers can purchase a wide range of protection tools and software. A software comparison tool makes finding the most appropriate solution easy. The versatile Total Protection 10-in-1 software protects against a range of internet related viruses and hacker threats, but also backs up files, protects children from sinister content and predators, improves PC performance, reduces networking issues, and fortifies wireless network setups. Customers can choose from cheaper options that best meet their needs, such as the popular VirusScan Plus, PC Protection Plus, and Internet Security Suite. Cellular phone users can disarm rising threats with VirusScan mobile. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, customers can accurately assess their requirements and obtain free downloadable trials to start protecting themselves almost instantly.

Users of www.mcafee.com can also take advantage of a series of free downloadable tools including SiteAdvisor (which assesses the risk of every website as you surf), FreeScan (a free virus detection service), WiFi Scan (inspects the integrity of your wireless network), an internet speedometer, and several virus removal tools.

With new vicious threats manifesting themselves daily, this wide range of tools will make sure you are not only evidently protected with antivirus software, but also entirely up to date and thoroughly secure.