Free Disk Space Term Definitions

The following terms from our free disk space guide are defined on this page:

Web Folders
Web Folders are a way that some free internet hard drive services support the ability to easily transfer files to and from their web server. With this you can simply drag and drop files in Windows Explorer just as if their web server were another local hard disk in your computer system.. A Web folder is a shortcut to a Web server where you can publish or save files. When you create new Web folders, they are stored in a folder called Web Folders in the root directory of your computer. You can access Web Folders from Windows Explorer, from My Computer, or from the Open or Save As dialog box (File menu) in Microsoft Word 2000 or any Office 2000 application.

The Web Folders component is included in Microsoft Office 2000 and Internet Explorer 5. If you don't have Web Folders installed on your computer, you download Internet Explorer 5 from Microsoft. When you install Internet Explorer, be sure to select Web Folders under  Web Authoring Components to install the Web Folders component.

This column contains the names of companies that offer free disk space on the internet. These are hyperlinks so you can click on the company name to get more info and details on their services or to sign up for free internet hard drive space.

Start Free Space
This is the amount of free disk space you get to start with when you open an account. With some services you are able to earn more free hard drive space  or you can sometimes purchase additional space.

Max Free Space
This is the maximum amount of free disk space you can get from the service. If this is equal to the Start Free Space, it means that the service doesn't offer ways of expanding the amount of free disk space you get. With many of the companies you are able to earn more free hard drive space by referring friends, completing surveys, filling out personal profiles, or other tasks.

Paid Space Offered?
This field indicates whether you are able to get additional internet hard disk space by paying for it.

In this section all the special features and limitations of each free disk space provider is explained. For those providers that offer extra free space, this section also explains what tasks are required and how much hard disk space is awarded for each task. Since almost all the services provide the ability to share files, to secure private files, and can be used with any web browser, these capabilities are implied. Only when there are exceptions is it explicitly mentioned in the comments field.

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