Gift Ideas for Those That Have It All

Gift Ideas for People with EverythingWe all have people on our gift list who really don't seem to need anything. They appear to have everything, and what they don't have they're more than capable of buying for themselves. It might be hard to think of anything for them for their birthday, Christmas, Hanukah or other holidays. In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, since it's the sentiment that counts, it's important to find just the right holiday gifts for everyone ? even those who aren't in need. Giving is truly better than receiving, and it is possible to buy spectacular holiday and birthday gifts for those who seem to have it all.

Personalized Gift Collections

There are store aisles completely devoted to gift collections that meet every lifestyle, preference, and budget. You'll find gift baskets and creatively assembled packages containing everything from coffee mugs and cappuccino, to decorative soup mugs and chili mix. There are a wide variety of choices that will satisfy even the most difficult people on your list.

If you can't find gift baskets containing just the right combination of gift items, why not assemble your own? Buy attractive baskets and items to fill them according to the preferences of those on your list. For example, for the fisherman on your list, consider compiling a tackle box filled with fishing gear, and include a package of gummy worms and beef jerky. For the gourmet cook on your list, how about an attractive breadbasket filled with bottles of spices, samples of sauces, and unique kitchen gadgets? When compiling your own gift baskets, the options are truly endless!

Gift Idea - Gourmet Cheese and CrackersEdible Presents

Everyone loves receiving goodies such as candy, cookies, and gourmet delicacies. Edible presents are an excellent option for those who seem to have everything, so consider making delicious chocolate candies or soft and chewy cookies. Include the recipe as well as accompaniments such as flavored coffee or hot cocoa mix. You can't go wrong with a sweet homemade gift from the heart.

How about a gift of cheese spread with a variety of gourmet crackers? Repackage an assortment of crackers in clear cellophane, and secure the openings with colorful ribbons or paper twist. Include a spicy beef stick and a variety of spreads for a holiday gift that can be shared and enjoyed while celebrating the spirit of the holiday season.

Gifts of Time

A gift of time doesn't involve watches, clocks, or other timepieces. A gift of time includes priceless moments spent participating in a relaxing or amusing activity. Consider giving those on your list who seem to have everything a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant, a local cinema, a zoo, or an amusement park. Everyone enjoys time away from work, and even those who seem to have it all will appreciate this type of thoughtful holiday or birthday gift.

Everyone Likes PresentsGift Cards

If you're stumped as to what to give someone who seems to have it all during the Christmas holiday season, gift cards are a sure winner. Almost every major store offers gift cards in a number of denominations, and there are gift cards to meet every budget and interest. Who wouldn't love to choose exactly what they want this holiday season?

Search the hundreds of choices by going online, or visit local retailers to find just the right gift cards for those on your holiday list. If you can't decide on a single selection, consider buying more than one gift card to equal the amount you intend to spend. What a great way to provide a variety of valuable holiday gifts recipients are sure to appreciate!

Gift cards can be boxed and wrapped in the same manner as traditional gifts. Choose a box of any size, and fill it with shredded tissue paper and bits of holiday confetti. Tuck away the gift card, wrap the box, and embellish it with holiday trim of your choice. A beautifully wrapped gift card is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to those celebrating a birthday and those on your list during the holiday season, especially those who seem to have everything.

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