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After over a decade in production, Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair is still being used by thousands of people worldwide. Although there are certainly some who are not overly enamored by this chair, the general consensus is that this chair is tough to beat. Here are some quotes from online reviewers:

“After ten minutes fiddling with the knobs and levers I had the chair fitted exactly how I’d like it – legs and arms square, seat tipped slightly forward (to make me look keen), stiffened backwards tilt and lumbar support perfectly placed (slightly higher than you might think). And that mesh is comfortable, with a good amount of give but not too spongy. Like wearing a tailored suit, I felt comfortable and correct, even after eight hours.”

“I have had an Aeron chair in my home office for years. At one point I realized that I spent more time each day in my chair than in my bed – and that made the decision easy. I made the plunge and have never looked back. Can’t afford it? How can you NOT afford it?”

“My old chair tended to suck me in, and it was big enough (too big) for me to fold my legs under me or throw them up on the desk, not really the ergonomic thing to do. It was really too large for me. The Aeron Chair is not at all restraining or inflexible, yet it encourages my body to maintain better posture because it fits better. In conclusion, I believe my Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a solid piece of equipment that will last me for years to come.”

“These chairs set the standard by which all others are judged. They combine outstanding build quality and comfort with a timeless design that is sure to impress clients or guests. They are also extremely comfortable. Like a mattress, a good chair is extremely important to your comfort and health. Buy the best chair you can afford, you will not regret it… especially if you’re behind your computer eight hours a day.” (Peter Schultheiss – Amazon.com)

“Be warned, though, once you use an Aeron for even a few days, no other chair feels quite as comfortable as it used to. Sitting in one of Geartest.com’s traditional foam and fabric, top of the line, ergonomic adjustable chairs felt surprisingly similar to sitting on a park bench after experiencing the Aeron.”

“Personal preferences aside, you’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable chair for hardcore gamers, programmers, or anyone else who sits for long periods of time. Did we mention that it looks really cool, too?”

“I’ve had a Herman Miller Aeron Chair for a couple of years now, which I custom ordered for size, colors, and features, and I can’t imagine life without it, especially with sometimes long hours at my desk. It’s unbelievably comfortable, easy to adjust, easy to use, and also happens to look great at my desk. This chair is truly exceptional. Everyone who sits in it can’t believe how incredibly comfortable it is, and they immediately understand my wholehearted enthusiasm about it. There are lots of knock-offs and fakes of this famous, award-winning chair, but none compare to the real thing. When I thought about how many hours each day I sit at my desk, I quickly realized that I sit in this chair more waking hours than any other piece of furniture, whether at home or at my office. Having a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair really matters and makes all the difference.”

eGrindstone Review

Recently, eGrindstone.com, a British website devoted to people who work from home, conducted a fairly extensive study of the Aeron office chair. The staff of four agreed to test the chair for Home Working Solutions, a company that specializes in Ergonomic office furniture & software for home offices. The people at eGrindstone had little pre-existing knowledge of the Aeron office chair.

The test was conducted over a four-week period. Each of the four staff members tested the chair for one week, and then recorded his or her impressions. Here’s how they rated the chair:

Emma thought the chair was “ultra-comfortable,” and was impressed that it never needed to be washed. She also thought the chair was very stylish. She did have some concerns over the price of the chair. “I’m not very adventurous when it comes to big buys on my credit card – and purchasing an Aeron might constitute too great a challenge for me, and my plastic,” she said.

Neil rated the chair as being comfortable, adjustable, with excellent build quality and materials. “The Aeron is very comfortable and adjustable. I suffer from back problems and anyone familiar with the sharp cracking of bones that accompanies a visit to the chiropractor should try the Aeron chair,” he said. “It doesn’t look as alien as some of the ergonomic furniture available, but it is comfortable, and it certainly beats being pummeled by Geoff, my friendly chiropractor. The real conclusion of this test is that now when I sit on my old chair it feels like a wobbly bar stool, and as I said at the beginning – you pay for what you get.” He was concerned about the price, but conceded that the Aeron office chair makes all other chairs feel cheap!

Todd pointed out the chairs comfort, quality, style, longevity, and warranty as being plusses. “Does the chair offer value for money?” he wondered. “Well, if you look at things in the medium to long term, I think it does. First off the Aeron comes with a 12 YEAR guarantee and it’s pretty safe to say that most people will have gone through a good few chairs in a 12 year period. Secondly, think about how many hours we spend in our chair. I spend more time in my desk chair than I do my bed! Well I guess if we spend that much time in a chair, we may as well make ourselves as comfortable as possible.” He agreed with his colleagues that the only negative was the price.

Joe said, “It’s certainly extremely stylish, and looks good, and is a million miles from some of the leathery ‘executive’ chairs out there, which aren’t my cup of tea. It’s clearly very well-made and designed, and the quality of the workmanship is evident.” Price was also a concern. “Personally, it’s out of my price range,” he said.

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