Where to Buy an Aeron Chair

Aeron office chairs can be purchased from a variety of different outlets. One of the top places to buy them online is at OfficeDesigns.com, a store that was the original Aeron dealer. Naturally, Herman Miller would prefer that you purchase the chair from an authorized distributor, and OfficeDesigns.com is an Authorized Herman Miller Retailer. There are local bricks and mortar distributors that are located nationwide. To find a local distributor near you, visit Herman Miller’s website. Click on “Find Your Dealer” under “Dealers and NDCs.” A new page will open with a search window into which you can enter your city or zip code. A list of area authorized distributors will be displayed.

There are numerous websites advertising Aeron office chairs at bargain prices. A Google search for “Buy Aeron chair” will result in hundreds of options. These sites offer chairs that have been purchased at auctions or other liquidations, and prices vary. You may not have any choice as to available options and the factory warranty most likely will not be offered. Be sure to determine the shipping costs as they can be prohibitive and make a “bargain” chair somewhat less appealing.

Aeron chairs are also available on eBay. Again, the buyer should beware. Most eBay sellers are reputable, but there are still some unscrupulous sellers out there. Your best bet is probably buying from an individual rather than an eBay store or wholesaler. Generally, the price will be a bit less and service more friendly. Aeron chairs can also be found at live auctions, especially those held for corporate liquidations and downsizing.

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