Mothers Day Gift Giving Guide

Happy Mothers DayIt's almost Mother's Day again! Time to call the florist and head to the greeting card aisle. If you dread picking out the perfect gift for mom, here are some helpful tips for choosing a unique Mothers Day gift she'll truly enjoy.

Don't Mess With Success

If your mom loves getting a floral arrangement every year, stick with it. Don't be afraid of giving the same gift each year. As long as mom enjoys it, it's a great gift.

Do your homework

Contrary to popular opinion, it's okay to ask what she wants. Chances are, she'll tell you not to buy her anything. You can avoid this problem by asking specific questions, like "Is there a restaurant you really enjoy?" or "Are there any books you've been meaning to read?" You'll be more likely to choose a gift mom will love if you ask questions.


Mother's Day Gift Idea: Gardening ToolsMom's bound to have a hobby or two. Whether she enjoys cooking, gardening or camping, you can find a gift that will tie into her favorite pastime. Try to stay ahead of the curve--look for something new that mom might not already own. She'll be even more surprised that way.

Life's Little Pleasures

Let's face it. We're usually hesitant to buy luxurious, indulgent treats for ourselves. Mother's Day gifts are the perfect time to give mom something she would never buy for herself. Listen closely if you go shopping together. If mom says she likes an item but it's "too expensive" or "too impractical," you can buy it and pleasantly surprise her. Gift certificates for a cleaning service, an afternoon at the spa or a delivery service are just a few suggestions.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

What better way to celebrate Mothers Day than to give money to a charitable cause in mom's name? Find out if she has any favorite non-profit organizations. If not, give to a cause you support, as long as she is in agreement with the politics. If mom's an animal lover, give to the local Humane Society or ASPCA. If you'd rather think globally, try Save the Children or Oxfam.

Use the Grandkids for Inspiration

If mom is also a grandmother, she'll surely love anything your children make for her. Have the kids hand paint ceramics, or take a family photo and make your own Mother's Day-themed frame.

The bottom line is that the old saying is true: "It's the thought that counts." As long as you select her Mother's Day gift with care, your mom will love it.

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